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Preventative maintenance for all makes of compressors and compressed air systems

We will respond on an as needed basis when you call or we can customize a maintenance agreement with set intervals tailored to your site and application. We are happy to work with you by providing custom billing options to help you budget your maintenance costs. We can bill the entire year up front at a discounted rate or bill a set amount monthly or quarterly.

Diesel Backup Air

We can bring a portable compressor to keep you running during service so there is no need to schedule service on days when production isn't running or have to rent a machine for the day to have your equipment maintained. Our rates for backup are much more cost effective than renting a machine for the day.

Emergency Repair 24/7

Call us anytime and a technician will be dispatched to your location to assist. We can bring diesel backup to keep you running while the problem is diagnosed. If your emergency is after normal business hours you will get a recording. Dial option 2 and you will be connected directly to a technician on call.


Our technicians are certified refrigeration techs. There is no need to call a refrigeration company in if you have a problem with a refrigerated air dryer. Our technicians have you covered for the entire compressed air system.

Air Audits

We can do a detailed analysis of the needs and usage in your plant to help determine if your system is running to its optimum potential. From there we can help you determine the best solutions that fit your needs and your budget.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

We can find and tag leaks throughout your system. You can fix them or we will happily provide an estimate to repair them for you.

Thermal Imaging

Let us keep an eye on the condition of the disconnects and breakers that feed your compressed air equipment as well as the contactors and relays in your equipment. Thermal imaging helps provide early detection of failures before they occur to help minimize unexpected downtime.


We can provide training on site with one of our technicians to learn basics of how to perform maintenance. We can also provide a classroom based training seminar to help better educate your maintenance personnel as to how the equipment and system should operate. The training will also provide tips on maintaining as well as how to identify problems to make sure your compressed air system is being utilized as efficiently as possible.

Custom Controls

We can modify your existing controls to suite your desired method of operation. We can make your machines start and stop automaticaly based on air demand or automaticaly restart after a power outage. We can set you up with a remote stop/start location or set the machines up to be able to start or stop other equipment such as ventilation sytems or auxillary pumps. If you currently have or have purchased a new sullair compressor, we can set you up to be able to wirelessly monitor your machines from your office with the same software our technicians use to analyze the equipment.